21 Power Quotes to Motivate You in 2021

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If you’re feeling like your 2021 motivation has already evaporated like the champagne bubbles on new year’s eve, you’re not alone. Research shows that for most, the shelf life for a new year resolution is about one week.

Use these power quotes to get a boost of motivation and keep your progress moving forward.

Try looking at any challenge you face from someone else’s (a millionaire’s, an 80-year-old, a 20-year-old, a homeless person etc.) perspective.

2. The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them…

The invincible social power of false truths

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How do you decide what is truth? The US has a newly inaugurated president and 75% of Republicans believe that he did not legitimately win the election. Meanwhile, 99% of Democrats believe he did. One way or another, millions of Americans fervently believe something that is not true.

Believing in myths, lies, and non-truths has not prevented humans from surviving and dominating the planet. And regardless of how high tech and sophisticated we fancy ourselves, survival is always the bottom line. Biology rewards efficiency. …

Syd Norgay

Educator | Scientist | On a mission to help you get smarter, faster @ smartstudiopublishing.com

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